The best mattress for allergy sufferers:

Being a synthetic material, the memory foam one is the best mattress to avoid allergic reactions of various kinds, being extremely effective in fighting bacteria, dust mites, and other potential pathogens. The important thing is to always follow the rules for proper hygiene, periodically washing and turning the mattress, avoiding exposing it to damp walls that could become a breeding ground for bacteria.

A material suitable for the coldest:

One of the most discussed critical points of the memory mattress is the sensitivity to body temperature, which makes this type of product extremely suitable for those who suffer the most from the cold or who live in particularly windy areas and with harsh winter temperatures: in a well-ventilated room heated, as soon as the body acquires heat, you feel the sensation of being pampered by your mattress, which becomes enveloping adapting to the body or bodies, which is why many couples signal the memory favorably also for intimacy.

Disadvantages of memory foam:

While reaching a satisfaction among consumers around a range between 80 and 85 percent of the total, according to the surveys carried out, it seems correct to summarize those that are considered the most common disadvantages of memory foam:

•    Excessive sweating.

•    Bad smell.

•    Higher than average price.

We have already talked about the first defect in the chapter dedicated to temperature sensitivity, it seems right to reserve a few words to these two other aspects: with regard to the smell, a percentage of users recorded an unpleasant smell of initial chemistry, but fortunately tends to fade rather quickly with use, and is generally felt mostly with low-quality products.

As for the price, there are excellent memory mattresses for each cost range, and indeed it is not necessary to spend a fortune to make sure a product with a good quality-price ratio, just keep in mind that the more foam you use so much plus the cost will be high.

The duration of the mattress:

We close our discussion on memory foam mattresses by talking about the average duration of a product, which is indeed excellent in terms of longevity: if well maintained, a memory mattress can last at least 10 years without problems, since it is the material that best resists wear and breakages, thanks to its non-deformability.

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