The advantages of a 7 zone mattress

A healthy posture of the spine is important and useful not only when standing or sitting, but also when lying down, in order to avoid postural damage and, as a result, back pain. Especially during the night, we can do a lot of good for our back with the right mattress, z. B. with a 7 zone mattress.

For a healthy and restful sleep, a good mattress is essential. Since everyone defines “good” but differently, there are a large number of different mattresses on the market: the spectrum ranges from cold foam to natural, to spring core and box spring mattresses.

The advantages of a 7 zone mattress

If one transfers the individual sections of the body onto the lying surface of a mattress, one receives altogether seven zones, which should have different point elasticity and support force. The three upper zones for head, shoulders, and trunk are provided, which are mirrored down for thighs, lower legs, and feet. In the middle is a zone that supports the pelvis and the hip.

Alternatively, there are mattresses with up to nine or asymmetrical zones. However, a 7-zone mattress offers advantages over these:

There is proper body support: the better the point elastic properties of the individual zones, the better the back is stabilized, while the pelvis and shoulders can sink. Especially the lower back, the lumbar spine and the neck benefit from well-coordinated zoning.  find mattresses for stomach sleepers 


In seven zones, the ratio is usually correct to the respective body zone: The zones are so broad or in the overall ratio coordinated so that the division corresponds approximately to the ratio of the individual body parts to each other. Only very large or very small people can have problems with fixed zoning and should seek individual advice. On the other hand, an asymmetric mattress or a 9-zone version may result in the body not being in the designated zones and consequently not being able to optimally support the individual parts of the body.

The zones are symmetrical to each other: The symmetry of the zones is another practical advantage in everyday life. Thanks to this arrangement, the mattress can be turned and turned freely, which is also recommended by leading retailers for a longer mattress life.